Inteletech Managed Security Services delivers a diversified and customizable set of strategic and adaptive cybersecurity services that address the entire security landscape. These services include assessment and planning, SIEM management and security monitoring, perimeter and endpoint protection and incident response.

Inteletech has worked with many companies to make informed business decisions that ensure operational effectiveness is considered in the design, implementation, and management of their cybersecurity posture.

WICTOR story originates from the process and securing business assets. In today’s era of cyber security threats it is understood that continuous monitoring is very much required to secure our assets. In this thought process an emerging need arose to establish 24/7 monitoring to secure the website, which is a face value of any business.

  • WICTOR provides 24/7 support in monitoring the web server.
  • Whenever there is an change in website, WICTOR send alerts immediately.
  • It regularly monitors the expiry date of SSL/TLS certificate and send alerts when the expiry date is less than 30 days.
  • It regularly monitors the expiry date of Domain and send alerts when the expiry date is less than 30 days.
  • It checks the security settings and alerts the missing security headers.
  • Protects from phishing attack by verifying the SPF and DMARC configuration.

    Website monitoring is not just problem solving or emergency responding. To understand website monitoring advantages, think in terms of protection, prevention, and perfection.

    Protection : Effective website monitoring will alert you as problems arise. You’ll know the second your website crashes or a data breach compromises sensitive user information so you can take action fast.

    Prevention : You’ll have strategic systems in place to guide you as you maintain website performance. Think of website monitoring as hiring a security guard for a brick-and-mortar store, controlling the functionality of your emergency exits regularly, and performing due diligence checks on new hires. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is operating smoothly.

    Perfection : Continuous improvement is one of the most subtle benefits of website monitoring. As you check for breaks, bugs, and breaches, you’ll keep honing your website as you go, improving the user experience (UX), and dazzling your customers.